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This guide is intended as an easy reference, pocket-sized guide for the estate
planner, and anybody involved in estate planning.

The information contained herein is a summary of some of the key estate
planning principles. Estate planning touches on many areas, and involves not
only planning for death, but also planning during your lifetime – from financial
planning, health planning, matrimonial property regime planning, income tax and
business planning, to offshore and retirement planning – all of which should form
part of any comprehensive estate planning exercise. The main thrust of this guide
is to provide the estate planner with an overview on how to plan his estate during
his lifetime, with the primary goal of transferring his wealth to his beneficiaries,
so that they receive the maximum benefit.

Many aspects of a comprehensive plan have been omitted due to limitations in
length of the guide (except where overlaps may occur). These include disability
planning, retirement planning, insolvency planning, investment structuring, and
offshore planning. All these activities do form part of a comprehensive plan, and
it is recommended that the estate planner consult with his estate planning team
for assistance to develop strategies in regard to each of these activities.

We recommend that professional advice be sought before making any decisions
based on this guide’s contents or when dealing with any matters relating thereto.
The guide should not be treated as a substitute for advice. Professional advice
must therefore be sought in relation to any aspect referred to in this guide.

All references to the masculine gender shall include the feminine (and vice
versa), and in particular, any reference to testator or executor shall include
testatrix or executrix.

While every care has been taken in the compilation of this guide, no
responsibility of any nature whatsoever shall be accepted for any inaccuracies,
errors or omissions.

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